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"I was born in Clinton, MO and grew up just about everywhere. I frequently rode around in the cab of my fathers semi truck traveling and meeting people coast to coast, all before I turned five.  While I was in school, I lived in Kansas and Texas where I picked up my passion for livestock.  Before I knew it, I was 30 and began asking myself “Am I where I want to be?"  I’d taken job after job to get the bills paid but never once followed my passion. I stumbled across an Insure my Forage Facebook ad, pursued an agent position, and since then I've found no greater joy aside from my family than getting to spread the word to farmers, ranchers and cattlemen about the amazing products that can benefit their operations."

Randy FRY 

Randy grew up in a small rural farming community in Central Kansas.  His first "off the farm" job was at the local co-op where he worked his way up from the "boot-pit" to the office, where he was buying and selling commodities all over the mid-west!  He soon learned how exciting the sales world was, and after 13 long years of dedication, he changed career paths to wholesale fertilizers sales and spent almost 25 years selling vehicles to his friends in rural Kansas.  Randy has been in the insurance industry for over four years.   Now, he lives in Great Bend, Kansas with his wife of 24 years, Audrey, and his teenage daughter, Tessa.


"I was born and raised in northern Wyoming and worked throughout my youth on my grandfather's sheep ranch.  I attended Northeast Wyoming Community College, Liberty University and South East SD Tech.  For the past seven years, I have owned two multi-line insurance agencies and managed a multi-line independent agency.  After selling the agencies, I worked for a Ford dealership where I served in several management positions.  Throughout all walks of my career, I have pastored rural mission churches for over 19 years, and recently sold my used auto car business to re-enter the insurance business.  I look forward to bringing my years of experience to any grower or rancher in need."


"I grew up on a small  Southeast Kansas farm. I live in Girard KS, graduated from Pittsburg State University. I have been an insurance agent for nearly five years specializing in Farm /Ranch risk management. My prior experience was in printing sales and management for several years. PRF offers the protection many of our area farmers need to protect their grazing and haying operations. I have two daughters and 2 grandsons that enjoy the great outdoors hunting and fishing with me. PRF fills the need for a coverage for  your grassland."


Travis & Jessica Walker are a husband and wife team from Nebraska.  They both grew up on small farming operations, so they are eager to help farmers and ranchers continue to do what they love!  Raising two children and trying to keep-up with their day-to-day activities definitely keeps them busy, but when they're not working, you can find them enjoying as much of the outdoors as possible.  They both love to hunt, fish, camp and ride dirt bikes!  Travis and Jessica look forward to talking to you to help maximize our benefits available for your operation.


Raised northwest of Freedom, OK, on his family's registered Line-1 Hereford ranch, Clint learned to appreciate the beauty of the rugged landscape, but also that the precious rainfall in this region could be very unreliable.  Living on a ranch along the state highway 20 miles from the nearest town also taught him to help people, as there seemed to always be someone in need of gas, or water, or help with a flat tire.  In 1989, Clint married his high school sweetheart, Sheri, a farm girl from neighboring Protection, KS.  They have raised their four children, and now enjoy as much time as possible with their two grandchildren.  Clint helps his mother as she continues to operate Darnell Hereford Ranch and also helps his father-in-law on his commercial cattle and farming operation, but his true passion is helping the people in agriculture manage their risks  and try to remain profitable in the ever changing farm economy. 

Jenita QUALM

Jenita grew up on a cattle operation in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  As a grassland ecologist and professional grazer, Jenita lives in South Dakota where she's pursing her passion with grasslands and grassland managers.  She decided to start her career with Insure My Forage because of our specialty in Pasture, Range, and Forage, and she felt that livestock producers and their grasslands could greatly benefit from our program!  Jenita is determined to spread the word and do her best in insuring God's grass.  

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